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The world of commercial vehicles is undergoing rapid change, and the developers at ACONEXT are actively involved in numerous projects related to the new generation of vehicles. In this article, Thorsten Turlach, Head of Powertrain & Commercial Transport, provides us with a deeper insight into the future of mobility.

Our engineers enthusiastically and creatively embrace the revolutionary challenges faced by the world of commercial vehicles. The focus is particularly on electrification, driven by a growing awareness of environmental sustainability. ACONEXT is pioneering the development of quieter and more environmentally friendly alternatives to diesel engines.

A key element for the future of commercial vehicle design is the integration of autonomous driving systems. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to increase safety and efficiency in freight transport by minimizing human errors and optimizing traffic. The connectivity of vehicles with infrastructure and each other can lead to intelligent traffic management by utilizing real-time data to optimize routes and avoid congestion.

The construction of mechanical components also faces demanding tasks. Lightweight construction increases energy efficiency, with materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum alloys, and composites playing a crucial role. Flexible design allows commercial vehicles to be adapted for various purposes and types of cargo. Modular designs enable the type of vehicle to be changed according to needs, whether for freight transport, waste disposal, or other purposes.

An essential factor for efficiency improvement is aerodynamics. Curved and optimized shapes reduce air resistance, thereby reducing energy consumption and increasing range. The enthusiasm of ACONEXT’s developers is reflected in their strong identification with renowned clients in the Swabian capital. This includes the Daimler Truck AG, with whom they are working on various aspects of the new generation of electric trucks. An outstanding example is Florian, a creative mind at ACONEXT, who not only works on important components but also has a passion for design. A glimpse into his vision provides insight into how the next generation of Daimler Trucks could be shaped.

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