Car IT

The Digital Analytics & Diagnostics Solutions department sets visionary standards in the field of car IT. Our services range from e-drive, diagnostic software development, consulting and support for vehicle diagnostics, battery and on-board diagnostics to flash, and coding solutions for whole vehicles. We set innovative trends with prototype software and advanced hardware development.

Our diagnostic expertise includes not only conventional vehicle diagnostics, but also a sense for innovative state-of-the-art car infotainment systems and relevant IT development services for the automotive industry. We position ourselves as a pioneering partner playing a key role in boosting the development of the automotive market.

Service Portfolio

We drive innovation in digital vehicle technology through increased performance and safety, providing you with a digital advantage in the field of vehicle diagnostics. Our focus lies in customized flashing and coding, as well as advanced hardware development including testing and validation. Our development services cover the entire spectrum of automotive IT.

E-drive & car-IT digital
Consulting & support for vehicle diagnostics
Consultation and services for battery & on-board diagnostics
Diagnostics software development
Flashing & coding for whole vehicle
Software development in the prototype area
Hardware development | testing & evaluation

Our Expertise

Our car IT expert team combines automotive know-how with software development and diagnostic technology. We offer and develop future-proof technologies for our automotive clients. With e-drive technologies, cybersecurity, advanced data analysis, and much more, we are shaping the future of mobility today.

Automotive technical knowhow
Cybersecurity for connected vehicles
Advanced data analysis & AI
Prototyping for rapid development
Quality management focus
QM & QA (quality management | quality assurance)

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Jan Bartel

Division Manager Digital
Analytics & Diagnostics Solutions