Discover our pioneering battery development services in the automotive sector. Our experts are at the forefront of shaping the mobility of the future with innovative battery solutions. From electric cars to conventional vehicle technology, we offer customized development services based on the highest engineering standards. Our battery development includes the use of cutting-edge technologies, from high-performance starter batteries to advanced e-car batteries.

With a focus on capacity, range and fast-charging technologies, we support our clients to help evolve the automotive industry for years to come. Rely on our experience to develop advanced battery systems that efficiently meet the power needs of the most advanced vehicles.

Service Portfolio

Experience our specialized battery development services for the automotive and commercial vehicle sector. From customized battery modules to advanced HV components and precise battery management, we offer solutions that optimize the performance and efficiency of your vehicles.

Battery modules for customized applications
High-voltage components for maximum performance
Battery management systems for efficient control
Development of all battery types
Integration of start-stop systems
Fast charging technologies for shorter charging times
Safety assessment of battery systems
Development of sustainable battery technologies
Modular battery architectures for future vehicle generations

Our Expertise

Our expertise is a reflection of our comprehensive know-how and technical expertise. With a deep understanding of battery technologies, the development of HV systems and modern battery management systems, we are your partner for pioneering solutions in the automotive sector. As a competent provider for battery development, we enable the realization of future-oriented projects in the field of e-mobility and overall vehicle technology.

Expertise in next-generation battery technologies
Development of efficient & safe battery cells
Integration of renewable energies
Know-how in liquid & solid electrolytes
Advanced approach in electric energy storage

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