Efficient Engineering: Shaping the Future with Low-Code

In the dynamic world of digital development, ACONEXT consistently relies on innovation. Our latest step towards efficiency optimization is the integration of low-code automation. Learn here how we are revolutionizing the development landscape by leveraging low-code.

In a time when automotive engineering faces diverse challenges, low-code, as a groundbreaking technology, provides an answer to linear development processes, time-consuming iterations, and fragmented team collaboration. The tasks engineers face are complex and demanding. Traditional development processes, characterized by linear workflows and time-consuming iterations, impede progress. At ACONEXT, we have recognized that the solution to these challenges lies in low-code automation.

The manual effort, which takes up a significant portion of working hours, complicates coping with skilled labor shortages, shortened development cycles, and product diversification. This is precisely where low-code comes in, providing engineers with a unified visual language through intuitive drag-and-drop editors, helping to overcome common challenges more quickly.

The low-code technology we are already using today is nothing short of a revolutionary approach. Our engineers benefit from an open platform that seamlessly connects all tools in the product development process. Automating manual steps, integrating expert knowledge, and optimizing routines enable our teams and customers to focus on the essentials and develop creative solutions.

By implementing low code at ACONEXT, we have reduced development time for processes or components by up to 75%. Low-code workflows replicate recurring processes and can be effortlessly adapted to various use cases. This provides more time and space for creative solutions and strategic innovations, representing a clearly measurable increase in efficiency.

Our goal at ACONEXT is to consistently pursue the path of efficiency improvement and expand the benefits of low-code to increasingly complex components. With low-code, we see the opportunity to actively shape the future of engineering for our customers and thereby open up new horizons.

Would you like to learn more about how we use low-code at ACONEXT to increase your efficiency? Contact us to discuss innovative solutions in the context of digital development and master your automotive projects together.

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