ACONEXT Division Townhall “Digital Future” – A Recap

On June 12, 2024, our enthusiastic employees gathered at the Sirius Business Park in Fellbach for the long-awaited "Digital Future" division town hall. As a newly implemented format, the event was a great success and provided a valuable platform for exchanging information about the latest developments, achievements and future goals of our company.

Insights and updates: The future of ACONEXT

The town hall began with a series of exciting presentations that provided a comprehensive overview of the current developments and strategic goals of ACONEXT and the “Digital Future” division. Particularly highlights were:

  • A successful close of 2023
  • Continuation of our growth trajectory: We are particularly proud of our strong focus on Porsche, which continues to shape our growth strategy.
  • New department: The establishment of the “Digital Supply Chain Management” department under the direction of Jan Herker, representing an important expansion of our expertise. More information can be found here.
  • Plato project: A major milestone was reached, underlining our ability to manage complex projects.

HR and employer branding initiatives: Putting people first

Our HR team presented important innovations that strengthen the focus on personnel development:

  • Job profiles and strategic portfolio: We are currently working intensively on developing new job profiles that meet our strategic objectives.
  • New ACONEXT website: With the launch of our new website, including a subordinate career page, we are taking a major step forward in our digital presence and attractiveness as an employer.
  • LinkedIn corporate influencers: We are increasing our visibility and networking through the planned promotion of ACONEXT corporate influencers on LinkedIn as well as weekly job highlights and insights into our day-to-day work.

Service portfolio: Leading in technology and innovation

Our comprehensive service portfolio was presented, underlining the breadth of our expertise and technological solutions:

  • Top technologies: Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Experiences (AR/XR), Hyper Automation, Cloud & Data.
  • IT Consulting: IT/Mgmt strategy, architecture consulting, requirement management, method development.
  • IT/cybersecurity: PDM / PLM / ERP / CAx, SAP consulting, testing, training.

Project presentations: Innovation in action

Our department heads and their teams presented impressive projects that illustrate our innovative strength and technological leadership:

  • Digital Diagnostics: Progress on the XENTRY project at Daimler Truck.
  • Digital after sales: Development of our HOT/Topas services at MBAG.
  • Digital Innovation: Transition project at Daimler Truck.
  • Digital Engineering: Start of our team in the Daimler Truck project Platon.
  • Digital Supply: Development of our SCM Services

Expert ownership: Achievements and future goals

Our expert speakers played a central role at the event. We were able to celebrate the successes of the past year and clearly define our future goals:

  • Community building: Building a strong specialist community and hosting workshops and training sessions.
  • Professionalization: Further development of specialist topics and requirements for our job profiles.
  • Successful projects: Requests from Daimler Truck AG for training and support, as well as the development of chatbots with GPT technology.

Interactive quiz and social get-together

At the end of the Townhall, an entertaining quiz was carried out to test and strengthen the knowledge and cooperation of the participants. While enjoying food and drink, our colleagues were able to exchange and develop new ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Conclusion: Together into the future

The “Digital Future” division town hall was a great success and once again underlined our culture of innovation and collaboration. We are on the right track and look forward to shaping the digital future together.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the realization of this successful event.

We are already looking forward to the next town hall and the exciting projects that we will carry out together.

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Get-together auf der Terrasse nach der Townhall

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