Thermal Management

Effective thermal management is crucial for optimum vehicle performance. Our thermal management service offers tailor-made solutions for the precise control of cooling, air conditioning and heating circuits. Through advanced cooling modules, the integration of air-carrying components and media-carrying lines, we ensure not only the thermal stability of individual components, but also overall system integration.

You can rely on our experience to develop innovative solutions that meet the demanding requirements of state-of-the-art automotive technologies.

Service Portfolio

Our thermal management service portfolio focuses on holistic solutions to optimize the thermal performance of vehicles. From customized cooling strategies to precise heating circuit control, we offer engineering services that are tailored to the specific requirements of the automotive industry.

Cooling strategies for vehicle components
Climate control for the vehicle interiors
Development of advanced cooling modules
Integration of air-carrying components
Media-conducting pipeline systems
Overall system integration for harmonized thermal performance
Performance monitoring & optimization
Energy efficiency optimization
Maintenance plans for vehicle components

Our Expertise

Our expertise in the field of thermal management extends from the precise control of cooling, climate, and heating circuits to overall system integration. With an experienced engineering team, we provide not only highly specialized services, yet also the expertise to develop innovative solutions and ensure the thermal performance of vehicles at the highest level.

Energy efficiency consulting for sustainable mobility solutions
In-depth expertise in the development of air conditioning technologies
Application of advanced cooling technologies
Harmonized thermoregulation in various driving situations

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