Our first-class engineering and development services in the area of powertrain set standards for the automotive industry. We are your partner for pioneering powertrain technologies, whether for e-mobility or conventional combustion engines.

Our focus lies in developing innovative solutions for the entire powertrain, from high-performance electric motors to efficient combustion engines. Rely on our expertise to give your vehicles the necessary driving force for the future.

Service Portfolio

Discover our comprehensive powertrain service portfolio, which forms the basis for the most advanced vehicle drives. From electric drives for electric vehicles to high-performance transmissions for commercial vehicles, we offer tailor-made solutions. Our key services include:

Drive technology for high speed
System integration for seamless functionality
Resolved design for flexible configurations
Flywheel technology for efficient energy utilization
Development | optimization of side shafts, cardan shafts & axle drives

Our Expertise

Our expertise is the result from many years of experience and continuous research in the field of drivetrain technology. With a strong focus on innovation and efficiency, we offer expertise in:

Expertise in electrical components for advanced electric drives
Specialized knowledge in technologies for commercial vehicles
Data analysis & big data expertise
Energy efficiency optimization

Your Contact

Armin Grathwohl

Head of Chassis & Axle