Hydrogen Technology | Fuel Cell

ACONEXT stands for engineering services covering all aspects of pioneering hydrogen technologies within the commercial vehicle sector. Our engineers support our clients in developing bespoke hydrogen solutions that pave the way for a sustainable mobility. From conception to implementation, we offer advanced services in the field of diverse hydrogen systems designed for maximum efficiency, clean energy and innovative technologies.

Our expertise spans across the entire development process, from design to system management, ensuring that your fuel cell technology achieves peak performance. Our engineers have mastered technologies such as proton exchange membranes (PEM) and have extensive know-how in the development of various types of fuel cells and H2 combustors. Trust us to realize your hydrogen projects at the highest possible level and help shape the mobility and commercial transport of tomorrow.

Service Portfolio

Discover our diverse service portfolio in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology. From state-of-the-art hydrogen tanks and high-performance high-voltage components to efficient system management, we offer individualized development services that can meet the requirements of your visionary automotive and powertrain projects.

H2 tank solutions for optimal hydrogen supply
Development and integration of high-quality HV components
Efficient system management for seamless operations
Design & implementation of fuel cell powertrains
Design & implementation of hydrogen powertrains
Development of commercial vehicle fuel cell systems
Integration of combined heat & power (CHP) systems
Oxide ceramic fuel cell solutions
Support for the integration of plug-in hybrids

Our Expertise

Our range of competence represents a unique combination of skills and expertise that cover your needs along the entire product life cycle and can therefore fully support you in your hydrogen, as well as fuel cell projects.

Comprehensive understanding of chemical reactions
Electrical efficiency optimization for maximizing electrical efficiency
In-depth expertise in the application of Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM)
Experience in the development of various types of fuel cells
System integration in vehicles and facilities

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Thorsten Turlach

Head of Powertrain &
Commercial Transport