The art of automotive exterior engineering and design is a symbiosis of form, function and aesthetics. Our services focus on co-designing and developing vehicles with outstanding exteriors for renowned clients. From the self-supporting body to the radiator grille to the exterior mirrors - the exterior determines the first impression of every vehicle. Our focus is on creating unique selling points through innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of aesthetics and quality.

We have a sense for combining aerodynamics, light and appealing design, while overall appearance and balance represent the core of our work. We support you in shaping your vehicle into a work of art on wheels with our expertise in exterior engineering.

Service Portfolio

What is the essence of our exterior engineering and design? Take a look at our service portfolio: From doors and hatches to headlights and roof systems, we offer a comprehensive range of exterior services.

Doors | flaps: innovative solutions, harmonious transitions
Bumpers, mirrors: form-finished & functional design elements
Trim components: components for an appealing overall appearance
Roof & convertible systems: design & development for unique vehicles
Glazing: clear visibility & aesthetics
Headlights: highlights for optimal illumination & visual presence

Our Expertise

We provide a broad range of skills: From the unique design process to the precise realization of outstanding exteriors. Our team of experienced designers and engineers will enable you to set trends in exterior design.

Reliance on cutting-edge materials fuels innovation
Integration of cutting-edge technologies in vehicle design
Functional design
Creativity for forward-thinking vehicle concepts

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Tobias Helm

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