Conventional Drives

Discover our first-class services in the field of conventional powertrains for your vehicles. We offer comprehensive solutions for engines, transmissions and exhaust systems (EAS). Our expertise covers a wide range of drive systems, including geared engines, traditional combustion engines with gasoline or diesel and alternative drive types.

We carry out in-depth comparisons between different drive concepts, taking into account factors such as CO₂ emissions, range and efficiency. Our services are based on the highest standards of conventional drive technologies.

Service Portfolio

Find out more about our extensive service portfolio in the area of conventional drives. As experts in all aspects of engine development, we offer tailor-made solutions for optimizing your drive systems. From geared motors to alternative drive types - we set standards for outstanding performance.

Engine development support
Transmission motor optimization
CO₂ emissions consulting
Alternative propulsion concepts
Technical data optimization
Performance enhancement
Drive comparisons
High-performance drives
Long-distance optimization
Environmental impact assessment

Our Expertise

Our competence in the field of conventional drives is reflected in the know-how of our engineers. As a development service provider with many years of experience, we set standards in the optimization of drive systems and engines. Rely on our technical expertise to ensure the performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness of your conventional drives.

Engine development experts
Transmission motor optimization specialists
Drive system analysts
CO₂ emissions consultants
Drive consultants
Environmental impact assessment experts

Our Expertise

Jens Fischer

Head of Powerunits