Complete Vehicle

Our complete vehicle development combines precision and innovation to offer you a comprehensive range of automotive services. From chassis and driver assistance systems to bodywork - we are your reliable partner. Our engineers use state-of-the-art technologies and virtual whole vehicle development to achieve optimum results right from the initial design phase onwards.

With in-depth expertise and cutting-edge methods, we are shaping the future of the automobile. Rely on our expertise for a complete vehicle design that meets the highest standards.

Service Portfolio

Our service portfolio embraces the entire spectrum of automotive development. From vehicle layout to system integration, we offer customized solutions. With a focus on DMU |PMU, package, body-in-white and the use of digital twins, we ensure that your project meets the highest quality standards.

Vehicle layout
System integration
DMU (digital mock-up) | PMU (physical mock-up)
Body in white (BIW) | structural framework
Digital twin
Integrated concept models
Virtual complete vehicle development
Vehicle components

Our Expertise

Our know-how covers a broad spectrum of engineering and IT skills. Thanks to in-depth expertise in vehicle technology, driving dynamics and integration, we create the basis for outstanding whole vehicles. Our competences also cover design, quality assurance, and the entire development process to ensure your project is successful in every respect.

Technical units
Electrical integration
Material testing
Integrated concept models
Emerging vehicle technologies

Your Contact

Ingo Schörwerth

Head of Future Mobility