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Calculation and simulation are indispensable key operations in modern vehicle development and production. At ACONEXT, we rely on advanced technologies and expert knowledge to provide customized solutions for our customers' challenges within the automotive industry. Our vehicle simulations range from the analysis of vehicle dynamics, crash simulation to the optimization of production scenarios. Using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Method), we create virtual environments to simulate the behavior and functionality of various vehicles and vehicle components under a wide range of conditions.

Our clients benefit from numerous illustrations, realistic prototypes and accelerated production planning. Discover the advantages of our flexible calculation and simulation services for a sustainable and intelligent automotive development.

Service Portfolio

Our comprehensive portfolio of calculation and simulation services covers the entire spectrum of vehicle development. From CFD analyses to service life calculations, we offer tailor-made solutions for precise simulation. Find out more about our key services such as CFD, FEM, service life calculation and crash simulation here.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
FEM (finite element method)
Durability calculation
Crash simulation
Damage reconstruction
Virtual prototype development
Vehicle safety analyses
Production process optimization
Innovative powertrain engineering
Aerodynamics simulation
Virtual test scenarios
Vehicle dynamics analyses
Validation of vehicle behavior

Our Expertise

Our competence in calculation and simulation reflects our in-depth knowledge and technical expertise. With analytical accuracy and innovative tools, we set standards in vehicle development. Our flexibility, global perspectives and sustainable solutions make us a competent and trustworthy partner. Our skills span a wide range of technologies, engineering & IT know-how and offer customers a clear advantage in terms of time and cost factors.

Analytical precision
Innovative tools and technologies
Global perspectives and flexible solution approaches
In-depth expertise in CFD & FEM
Sustainable methods
Time & cost-efficient solutions

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Head of Calculation