Software Engineering

We offer customized, scalable solutions by combining cloud expertise, IT consulting and agile project management. Our strength lies in the fusion of product vision and requirements management with agile methods, supported by experienced SCRUM masters and agile coaches. We develop innovative solutions for the automotive industry that form the basis for the digital transformation of our clients. Our services include high-quality software development, use of cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, etc.), comprehensive management of product requirements and support for agile development processes.

With the highest security standards, state-of-the-art networking technologies, protection against cyber threats, continuous integration, model-based development methods, efficient interface management and agile development practices, we offer a comprehensive solution. This includes the efficient management of data, big data analysis and designing the user experience for optimal vehicle systems.

Service Portfolio

We are experts for the digital transformation within the automotive industry. Our software engineering & comprehensive architecture services portfolio cluster within our Digital Future division focuses on laying a technological foundation for the digital transformation of our clients. Both through excellent software engineering and pioneering architecture development.

Software engineering
Software development
Enterprise, solution, and software architecture
Cloud expertise (Azure, AWS, ThingWorx, eXtollo, etc.)
IT consulting
IT project management & PMO (project management office)
Product ownership | requirements management
SCRUM master & agile coaching

Our Expertise

The software experts at ACONEXT are creating your software innovations for the automotive future as of today. Our expertise ranges from embedded software development to architecture design and functional safety. We design networked, secure and efficient software solutions for the automotive industry and rely upon:

Implementation of functional safety
Expertise in networking technologies
Cybersecurity for vehicle software
Continuous integration | continuous deployment
Model-based development methods
Effective interface management
Application of agile development practices
Data management and big data analysis
UX (user experience) design for vehicle systems
QM & QA (quality management | quality assurance)

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