Artificial Intelligence

Through the skillful application of Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality, we create immersive experiences that go beyond conventional boundaries. Our specialized consulting services in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive sector aim to optimize CAx processes and ensure the highest level of data quality. At ACONEXT, we empower companies to enhance efficiency through Hyper Automation and the use of No-Code and Low-Code platforms, supported by precise Data Analytics.

Our AI services are designed to shape the automotive sector with groundbreaking technologies. Our services include: Application of Machine Learning and insightful analysis of large datasets, in-depth data analysis for precise insights and decisions, creation of innovative experiences for new dimensions within the automotive industry, and efficiency improvement through automated processes and user-friendly platforms.

Service Portfolio

Making intelligent decisions through advanced data solutions together with ACONEXT. Our Artificial Intelligence & Top Technology service portfolio is pushing forward the development and integration of advanced AI and data science solutions for the digital future. We enable smart, data-driven decision-making processes for future-oriented mobility.

AI | data science
Data analytics
Virtual | augmented | mixed reality
CAx consulting & data quality assessment
Hyper automation | no-code | low-code

Our Expertise

Our innovation competence in AI technologies for the automotive industry ranges from Machine Learning to Edge Computing. We deploy intelligent solutions for connected, secure, and data-driven vehicle systems. Our expertise includes the application of AI models for intelligent systems, the intelligent linking of AI and physical systems for optimal performance, the use of advanced sensor technologies for precise data collection, efficient data processing directly on site as well as the use of AI under ethical principles and the highest safety standards.

Machine learning & deep learning
Integration of AI into cyber-physical systems
Expertise in sensor technologies
Edge computing for local AI implementation
Networking of vehicles and infrastructure
Consideration of AI ethics and security

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Dr. Michele Adesso

Artificial Intelligence &
Data Science