Our New Service Sectors: Future Mobility & Digital Future

Embarking on a transformative journey, ACONEXT, alongside our employees and clients, is shaping the future of mobility, exploring new horizons driven by technology and innovation—at a workplace that always puts people at the forefront. We are the experts in Digital Future and Future Mobility.

Our Past Services

Tailored to meet our clients’ needs, ACONEXT has previously divided our service segment into 3 pillars, ensuring 360° expertise to cover all processes within a product lifecycle

Systems Engineering provided integrated solutions through interdisciplinary methods within development and production. Model Based Engineering ensured serial applications of safety and comfort features thanks to cutting-edge know-how and expertise. PLM & Engineering IT facilitated smooth navigation through the entire digital transformation of products and processes. However, to better address the challenges of the present and future, especially within the automotive industry, we have redefined our competency model.

Our Services Now

In 2023, we bid farewell to the original division of our service segment into 3 pillars, but remained true to our credo “passion for lifecycle.” We are proud to undergo this significant evolution on our journey as an automotive development service provider. Beginning last year, we gradually divided our competencies into two new and clearly defined areas: Digital Future and Future Mobility. These two new service segments are intended to enable us, as a company, to think, plan, and act strategically and visionary. We are grateful for the support of our colleagues and look forward to a shared and exciting future that we can only master as a team.

Future Mobility – Shaping the Future of Mobility

Future Mobility is now! At ACONEXT, we believe that the future of mobility will be exciting, sustainable, and smart. As passionate experts in this field, we work every day to implement the mobility solutions of tomorrow and enable green, safe, and seamless transportation. What matters to us:

Green mobility, sustainability, and smart concepts

Our vision of Future Mobility revolves around the integration of environmentally friendly technologies and innovative transportation concepts. From electric mobility to low-emission propulsion systems, we prioritize sustainable solutions that protect our environment and enhance the quality of life for people.

Autonomous driving and beyond

The mobility of tomorrow will be characterized by autonomous driving and other disruptive technologies. At ACONEXT, we are at the forefront of this development, designing pioneering solutions for self-driving vehicles, digital and traffic safety, and smart traffic infrastructures.

Customized mobility strategies

No two companies are alike, and no city is the same. Therefore, we offer customized Future Mobility strategies tailored to our clients’ needs. We work closely with them to meet the challenges of the future and seize the opportunities of new mobility solutions.

Shaping the future with agility

In a world of rapid change, flexibility is the key to success. With our focus on agility and innovation, we support our clients in navigating the Future Mobility landscape and making their businesses and products future-proof.

ACONEXT, the partner for tomorrow’s digital mobility

With our two interconnected divisions, we are a reliable partner on the path towards Digital Future Mobility. With our deep industry expertise and passion for innovation, we are ready to accompany our clients in shaping a sustainable and intelligent mobility.

Digital Future – Crafting Tomorrow’s Success

Welcome to the forefront of the digital future! At ACONEXT, we are firmly committed to taking a leading role in the ever-changing digital world. Our expertise lies in understanding the complexity of an increasingly fast-paced environment and addressing it with expertise and a “state of the art” mindset. In doing so, we will continue to empower our clients to succeed in the digital age. Here’s what we do:

Shaping the Digital Revolution

The Digital Future signifies a fundamental change in the functioning of industries, communication, and innovation. From smart manufacturing and IoT integration to advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence, the possibilities are virtually limitless. We position ourselves as trusted partners of our clients, helping them utilize digital tools to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and unleash the true potential of their companies and products.

Pioneering Disruptive Technologies

As technology enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for the latest breakthroughs and disruptive technologies. Our teams of experts are at the top of digital innovation, tirelessly working to bring transformative solutions to life. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we enable our clients to revolutionize their products, services, and customer experiences.

Tailored Digital Strategies

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a one-size-fits-all solution is not enough. Our customized digital strategies are designed to align with the unique business goals and challenges of our clients. We work closely with our clients’ teams to identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Promoting a Culture of Digital Agility

Adaptability is crucial for a digital future. We believe in fostering a culture of digital agility at ACONEXT and within our clients’ companies. We aim to empower our employees and clients to embrace change and continuously think and act innovatively. With a focus on competence development and knowledge exchange, we help all stakeholders develop teams that thrive in a digital environment.

ACONEXT as a Partner for Digital Transformation

ACONEXT is a reliable and dependable partner on a journey towards a digitally transformed future. Our passion for technology, combined with our comprehensive industry knowledge, enables us to guide our clients through every step of the digital transformation process. As a company, we will discover new opportunities, maximize potentials, and achieve sustainable growth to build an even more resilient company that thrives in the Digital Future.

Future Mobility blends automotive engineering expertise seamlessly
Future Mobility: Strongly interconnected, with IT expertise at its core in the automotive sector.

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