New Future Tech Workspace After Relocation in Fellbach

We've got great news! ACONEXT introduces new Future Tech Workspace in Stuttgart, Fellbach. Discover how our recent move will not only enhance our work environment but also elevate our capacity for collaboration and innovation to new heights. Explore exciting details about our update, here.

After four months of renovations, ACONEXT has officially opened its new office at our Fellbach site. The changes are visible – from a modern IT infrastructure to the redesigned spaces. Yet, the essence remains unchanged: our dedicated employees, who form the backbone of our company.

Our company’s relocation to the so-called ‘Rauleder’ building signifies an important step on our journey, reflecting our commitment to fostering a better work environment. Our aim is to create a workspace where everyone can unleash their full potential while being part of a dedicated team.

Consolidating our three smaller offices at the Fellbach site into a single, larger workspace enables more effective collaboration and cultivates team spirit. With an area of approximately 1,500 square meters, our new offices provide not only more space but also a more pleasant working environment. The move was undoubtedly challenging, but thanks to the hard work of our team, we have been fully operational in Fellbach since January 8th.

Our old adress:

Wilhelm-Pfitzer-Straße 26

70736 Fellbach

Our new adress:

Max-Planck-Straße 29

70736 Fellbach

Fun Fact: Did you know that the ‘Rauleder’ building once housed Daimler’s development department? Even Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Chief Norbert Haug was active within these walls. It’s a venue where pivotal decisions were made – reportedly, Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton inked his contract with the Silver Arrows right here.

The inauguration of our new ACONEXT office is not just symbolic gesture, but a practical advancement as well. With cutting-edge amenities, including an innovation hub, multiple TISAX-certified offices, and an environment brimming with inspiration, we stand ready to confront the challenges of tomorrow and pioneer innovative solutions.

Step into our new domain – welcome to ACONEXT Fellbach!

Almost finished, the ACONEXT offices shortly before we moved in.
Managing Director Gerhard Schummer helping during the move.

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