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Career Start as an IT Consultant, Lena Ugele Shows Us How
IT folks are couch potatoes, without social or communication skills, and male? This interview challenges stereotypes and clichés. Above all, Lena shows us that she is open, curious, energetic, communicative, sociable and witty. Read what drives her and how you, too, can shape your career start as part of ACONEXT.
Not All ” Boomers” Are Stuck in the 20th Century
Eberhard Döring has been working ever since he was a teenager—even after retirement. In this inspiring and engaging account, he shares why he hasn't quit after-sales yet and what he has learned about himself and the world of work during his 53 years of professional life.
Quality HR Requires Good Interpersonal Relationships
Our HR Business Partner Ridwan Ahmed has been passionate about human resources since his college days. He joined ACONEXT in fall 2022 to start in a junior position and told us about his first impressions. The conversation focused primarily on shaping the future, strategic action, and people as the driving behind every business.
Starting a Career as a Woman in STEM at ACONEXT
Our intern Burcin Kaya talks to us about her career, her love for technology, why she chose ACONEXT and how we encourage her to quench her ever-growing thirst for knowledge and offer her new development opportunities each day.
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